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Darel Carey

Lines and Emergence

In these tape installations, I mostly use straight lines due to the nature of the medium. But although there are straight lines being used, you can also see curved lines. The curved lines are not explicitly drawn. They are implied, emerged from the straight lines with slight, gradual changes in distance from one another. No two line paths are the same.

Choose one of the lines, imagine it’s the only line, and follow its path. Then do the same for line next to it. They are nearly identical, but not quite the same. If all the lines were identical, you would see no curvature, just implied straight lines going straight down at every bend.

In nature, nothing is really perfectly balanced (emphasis on “perfectly”). The slightest difference in properties brings about an extra layer of complexity, which leads to the emergence of something new.

In this case, the curved lines are ‘something new’, emerged from the straight lines. The curved lines wouldn’t exist without the straight lines, but the straight lines aren’t aware of the curved lines.

And there’s more than just that. There’s also the implication of depth, another dimension for another time…