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Darel Carey

Visualizing Ideas vs Language

I create visual art because there isn’t a better way for me to express my ideas. That’s how I best communicate, I visualize thoughts. Words are nice… I like using words. But written language has its limits. Why should we expect that language has cracked the code of all possible human thought & expression?

We’re constantly coming up with new words and shedding old ones. The new ones emerge to describe new things we’ve never had to describe before (technology, discoveries, ideas), and the old ones fade away because we no longer use them to communicate.

We keep learning more & more about the universe and about ourselves. Language is a way for us to organize and convey what we know.  First we only spoke, and tried to remember stories & ideas over generations. Then written language helped us record these ideas, and accumulate knowledge. Now, as our knowledge accumulates, so does our communication. Language reflects where we are & when we are.

My ideas aren’t always in the same place & time as we are. Sometimes there isn’t any language to describe them. I see the expression of art as a complex interconnection of various ideas that blooms past the edge of our current level of language, spawning new thoughts.

I consider art something to experience, ponder, and enjoy. Sometimes there’s no need to look for the words to describe it because there aren’t any.

*all of this, ironically described with words.