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Darel Carey

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Cactus Trance - Print

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“Cactus Trance” is an abstract art piece that captures the inherent beauty of geometric patterns found in nature, specifically inspired by the structured yet organic form of a round-shaped cactus viewed from above. Originated from a moment of inspiration while observing the natural world in the desert in Arizona. 

This artwork embodies themes of emergence and interconnection, illustrating how simple elements can evolve into complex systems. It reflects on the concept that the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts, as seen in nature, resonating with the vibrational harmony of the desert's life force. 

In “Cactus Trance,” the viewer is invited to delve into the interplay between geometrical precision and the fluid irregularities of the natural world, exploring how pattern and form arise from the convergence of simplicity and complexity. Life finds a way to express itself in stunningly beautiful patterns that correspond with the fundamental laws of the universe. 

Cactus Trance, 2024

Printed on Entrada Rag Coldpress 300 

16 x 20 inches 

Edition will be limited by the number of prints sold during pre-order, and never reprinted.

Each print is signed by the artist, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Availability to order will end at 11:59pm PST, Sunday, April 28th. Please allow 3 weeks after preorder close for shipping. International customers are responsible for import fees due upon delivery.

Printed by Static Medium, Los Angeles.